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Report for 14.12.2022/294/XNUMX. XNUMX day of war (official version).

First of all, they cannot hide from us even in Siberia, because Ukrainians are awesome.

Secondly, 6 hryvnias came in (private bank - 472; monobank - 0 + 200 + 1 (exchanged $500, which was received Violetta Borodina in cash, but since they were strangely "glowing" when checked, the money changer did not take it, and the bank charged us a hefty fee - the banknote was filled with some kind of liquid - checks in the photo ) + 1) + $261 paypal. Expenses amounted to 20 hryvnias - payment for processing documents. The balance for today is 129 hryvnias + 47 btc + $193 + 0 euros + 25 eth. A total of 515 hryvnias + 25 btc + $0 + 1 euros + 669 eth have been collected since the beginning. A total of 428 hryvnias were spent.

Thirdly, we usually draw suns instead of cats' faces on photo reports, but not today - look at what kind of greeting cards the jet cats sent us instead of a photo report. It is pleasant as in childhood - by the way, these rays of goodness are for all of us - who donates, who reposts, who helps.

And of course donating and reposting will allow us not to stop.

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