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Report for 24.06.2022/123/XNUMX. XNUMX day of war (official version).

First of all, the byraktar factory will soon work for us, because Ukrainians are awesome.

Secondly, 300 hryvnias came in (private bank - 100; monobank - 200) + $15 paypal. . The costs amounted to 16 hryvnias - additional spare parts for the repair of fast jet fighters (they paid for the work of the masters themselves). The balance for today is minus 524 hryvnias (so we had to contribute our personal funds because the ambulance had to leave without waiting for donations) + 7 btc + 701$ + 0,0 euros + 15 eth (this is our reserve but due to a significant drop exchange rate, so far we do not exchange). A total of 0 hryvnias + 0.932 btc + $760 + 132 euros + 1 eth have been collected since the beginning. A total of 8011 hryvnias were spent.

Thirdly, we repaired an ambulance from jet artillery, due to a lack of funds and a lack of spare parts (I asked to take a photo of the ambulance and the military - appreciate the coyote of these marketers). Yaroslava Bratus found a set of metal fixators in a short period of time, and in the military hospital they performed another emergency operation on the soldier - open and closed fractures of the limbs with fusion. The operation was successful. Violetta Borodina handed over 30 turnstiles to the Pologhiv unit, which performs combat missions in the Orihiv direction. Alyona Havrylenko handed over adult hygiene products, antiseptics and bandages to the forcibly displaced persons, and a cargo with food and medicine, which we helped to collect, arrived in occupied Tokmak and the community.

And of course donating and reposting will allow us not to stop.

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